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Our Store Policies


We accept payment by cash or credit card. If you would like to tip your massage therapist, you are welcome to do so at the end of your treatment session.


If you have scheduled an appointment and need to cancel or reschedule, please give us at least 6 hours of notice. It will allow us to serve other customers during that time.

Upon Arrival

We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes ahead to fill out a quick intake form which will help us to determine your specific bodywork need.

Late Appointment

If you are late, we will try our best to provide you with a full session. However, we may have to cut your service short if there is another appointment scheduled immediately after you.

Prenatal Massage

We of offer PRENATAL MASSAGE if you are in second or third trimester, we cannot offer any other types of modalities, and we cannot offer any massages to women in their first trimester.

Can I bring my children?

We do not have daycare facilities, please make other arrangements for your children so that you can fully enjoy your relaxing time with us.

What if I am under 18?

For client who are under 18 years old, must have written/signed permission by a parent or legal guardian prior to receive any massage of bodywork. Additionally , it is recommended that the parent/guardian accompany the minor to at least their first session to review their health history form and answer any question. The parent/guardian must stay in the treatment room for the duration of the session.

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